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Boost Your Odds Of Getting Laid: 4 First Date Topics To Avoid

avoid topicsDating Topics To Avoid

Boost your odds of getting laid: Avoid these topics

Getting laid can be very hard to do, especially if you aren’t the best conversationalist. Just because you’re meeting up with someone from a dating site, doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get laid, so in order to boost your odds of getting laid, you need to learn what not to say to your date. Scaring your date away can be a very easy task if you don’t know what you’re doing, and if you don’t receive any criticism or pointers, you might never know what it is you’re doing wrong. If you want to boost your odd of getting laid, you need to learn how to talk to a woman without grossing her out or turning her off.

How to have a successful first date

If a woman has agreed to let you take her out on a first date, she very well might be thinking of letting you sleep with her. But in order for her to take you home, you need to impress her, stimulate her, and win her over. If you want to have a successful first date, you need to learn some conversation starters, and you also need to stop trying to find out everything there is about a person before sleeping with them. Asking the woman you’re on a first date with how many men she’s slept with is probably one of the worst ideas you could ever have. Not only will it make her feel uncomfortable, but it will make her feel judged and pissed off. Since the last thing you want to do is potentially piss off your date, asking questions about ex boyfriends, sexual partners, and abortions should be completely off the table for the first handful of dates.

Hooking up: Leave your family out of it

It can be hard to come up with some conversation topics for your first online date, but a good trick to keep in mind is to start off with what not to say and then work your way down. When you take someone out of a first date, you really shouldn’t pry too hard to get information. Instead, you should ask small questions and let them do the talking. Bringing up someone’s family probably isn’t the greatest idea for a first date. Since families are private matters, letting your date bring them up herself should be your main priority. You never know what your date has gone through, she might have lost a sibling or parent, and the last thing you want to do is bring that up and ruin your date. By asking personal questions you are toying with the possibility of an emotionally break down, and since you want to have sex and enjoy yourself instead of not having sex and consoling a sad woman, you need to make sure not to bring up anything that could bring up painful memories.

How to act like a confident man (even if you’re not)

Meeting someone off an adult sex dating website can be very tricky, this is because you don’t really know what someone is like until you meet them face to face. You might have started chatting with a girl online, and somehow ended up landing a date with her. Obviously you’re happy and excited but you’re also a little intimidated because now you have to work on acting more confident than you actually are. The last topics you want to bring up while on your first date are those of insecurities, self-worth, and low self-esteem. Sure, these are topics you need to get talk about in order to have a real relationship, but they aren’t good first date starters. Bringing up your self-esteem issues as a first date topic will make your date feel a little awkward, and it might stop her from wanting to see you again.

Turn her on, not off

The whole point behind meeting up with someone from a hookup site is to have sex with them. But in order to do that, you need to be able to turn on your date and make her want you. If you want to turn her on, you need to be able to carry on a conversation while giving off subtle vibes of intimacy. A good topic to avoid on your first date is talking about ex girlfriends. Many men think that bringing up their exes will show their date that they are experienced lovers, but it actually gives off the impression that you are still in love with you ex girlfriend.