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The Top 5 Traits Of A Perfect Match In Swansea

perfect matchMake Her Laugh

Hi there,

My name is Mike, and I started online dating a few of years ago after my longtime girlfriend and I broke up. In these three years I have gone on hundreds of dates, met some exceptional people, and had the best times of my life. However, this post is about navigating some of the trickier sides of online dating, especially when it comes to assessing whether someone is your type or not, so that you don’t have to make the mistakes I did when just starting out.

When I first started out, I found it very difficult to figure out what kinds of people are behind the profiles they create. I went on a lot of weird dates because of this, and wasted a lot of money on dinners and drinks too! I just didn’t understand how to find the diamonds in the rough, how to see through the descriptions of the ladies I thought were interesting, but were, in really, not at all.

After my first couple of weird experiences, I quickly learned what to look for in the descriptions of a potential match in Swansea and the surround area. Now that I have my own set of experiences, I want to pass some of them on.

The first clue is that if it is a short description, and only talks about herself and how exciting she is, then chances are you are in for some one-night stands! The ladies that provide a more thorough description of themselves are probably into more serious dating, which includes things like having lengthy conversations and getting an mental and emotional connection. These ladies are pretty risky in my experience, because they often cling on for longer and try and make a fire where there is no spark.

You want to meet someone who sounds like they would like to get up to something exciting with you. None of this “I just like chatting” business because that usually means they sit at home and watch Coronation Street. Check out her hobbies and areas of interest for this, because those are probably the first things you want to ask her about. I’ve found that’s the best way to break the ice. Also, you want someone who will want to go on interesting dates with you. If you want to impress any one of the fine ladies you will meet online, take a look at this handy article. I suggest trying to imagine which of the ladies would be most likely to join you on one of these options. It’s a pretty exciting feeling when you have a hunch about someone and just get so curious.

A lot of ladies will try to make their profiles funny to show they have a sense of humour. You probably will want to put some jokes in your profile too. It makes sense, because humour makes us relatable. The thing that catches my eye when I scroll through the various profiles is whether or not I actually am intrigued by the humour being used. If it’s self-deprecating, then usually I will be hooked. It all depends on your personal taste, but I can guarantee you that you will have really great luck with those people who can make you laugh based on a profile description alone. It’s always better to find girls with a sense of humour.

The most awkward thing I’ve encountered is when I’ve just connected on dates with ladies I have nothing in common with. While those dates usually end in sex, it does not mean they were totally fun. Remember, it’s not the dating site that is to blame for bad dates – it’s your poor choice of a date. I think it’s important to start slow in the online world. Strike up a couple of lengthy conversations with an interesting match before deciding whether or not to take it farther.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for your online personal profile to represent the best side of yourself. If you don’t put a lot of time into it, it will show, and fewer ladies will be intrigued enough to strike up a conversation. Don’t go with a basic head shot because it screams a lack of creativity and personality. On the flip side, using a photo of you out drunk with your mates is not a good idea either. Think business casual, and write in that same manner too – that’s the secret to a winning personal description.