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What to say to women on casual dating sites

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What to say to women on casual dating sites

Icebreaker pick up lines for hookup sites

If you’re wondering what to say to women on casual dating sites, this is a short guide that will give you some ideas and steer you in the right direction. All kinds of studies have been done on what works and what doesn’t, while this won’t be guide on what specifically are the best pickup lines for hookup sites, it will give you ideas for how to hook up with casual dating sites that use strategies that are known to be effective.

Be Specific

Newsflash. These girls don’t care about your life aspirations or why you think Hemingway is the best author of all time. They don’t want to know about your new favorite philosophy or your opinion on whichever political figure’s latest initiative. These aren’t sites for establishing profound long term relationships so the girls on these sites don’t really care about whether you will fit in with their friends or what your future will look like together. They’re there to hook up. If you’re looking for some clues on how to hook up with women on casual dating sites, then this is where you want to begin.

The number one rule is, be witty. Girls respond really well to pick up lines that were tailored just for them. One of the most popular ways to pick up girls on dating sites is to make a pun on their name. Not only doesn’t it sound like it’s the one line you saw on some TV show or out of a movie, but it also gives the appearance that you’re making an effort to impress them personally, and not any random girl that may have crossed their path. So basically what you want to do is take some info off her profile and plan out a witty icebreaker that makes that girl in particular the object of your desire specifically.

Girls will not respond well to generic messages like: “Hey wut u up to girl.” Not only is it boring, but it’s the kind of thing that you could have said to any girl on the site. The best pick up lines are the ones that are tailored to whichever girl you’re hitting on specifically. Girls need to feel desired, but that desire needs to be specific to them. I cannot impress that upon you enough. Even if you’re out there macking it to every girl on the site, you need to show some specific interest in them personally.

Ask a question

If you go on and on about something or other or say something about the girl that neither requires nor elicits any response, your conversation dies there. There is a person on the other end of your conversation and they want to feel as engaged and awesome as you do. So leave some room there for them to respond. It helps also to consider what it is they’ll be thinking about when you ask your question. If they’re thinking about traumatizing deaths of their pets, then you can probably be fairly sure they’re not associating your conversation (and therefore you) with anything good or happy. You want to ask a question that elicits a positive emotional response.
I would also caution you about being overtly sexual too soon. Dudes who do that come off as premature ejaculators. Guys who can’t sustain any form of intercourse without getting straight to the punch. You can be suggestive, and plant the seed, but for god’s sake, don’t be all like, “do you like it in the ass” on your third sentence. It’s dumb. You’re dumb if you do it. Even women who love anal sex would not respond positively to a message like that.

Questions that engage her sense of adventure, her interests in movies or food, are always much better as icebreakers because they’re all things that everyone innately likes to talk about and they’re also easy to answer.

Leave on a high note

Being overly complimentary of the girl you’re trying to hook up with is not necessarily a good thing because it sounds ingratiating and comes across as worshipful and desperate. Even dominatrixes (or dominatrices – I’m not sure) who demand to be worshipped, will not respond well to cloying desperation.

Instead, what you want to do is compliment the interaction. Say something like ‘it’s been good talking to you,’ or ‘you’re looking forward to meeting’. The idea here is not to bestow compliments on the girl you are wooing specifically, but on the interaction between you two instead. This leaves her feeling good about the entire situation and the prospect of seeing you at a later date.

How to tell if she’s into you

Girls will let you know one way or another if they’re into you. In real life they may smile or something but on an internet hookup site, they’ll generally hover around your profile checking you out more than once. This is your signal to do something about it and is a good bet that she will respond as long as you don’t sound like a moron.


  • 1. Be specific to her
  • 2. Be clever and witty
  • 3. Lead with a question that evokes positive memories or feelings
  • 4. Leave on a high note

Follow these steps and you increase your odds for getting laid on casual hookup sites.